A lost insurance policy can spell ruin.

Insurance Records

It's a lot of work keeping track of insurance records without the aid of Record Tree®. Many people have more than one health or life insurance policy. What if you misplace one? Don't panic. You can probably still make a claim, but it's a pain to reconstruct the details. And, it takes time you may not have. If you record the minimum policy identifiers in Record Tree®, you'll always have the essential details at your fingertips. Show loved ones or caregivers where you stored the information in Record Tree® in case something happens to you. It's good insurance records management.

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Insurance Records – Lost policy – Record Tree® Insurance Records Management

Insurance Record Keeping

Insurance records are rarely used. So, why is insurance record keeping important? Because, you may have to produce insurance records with very little notice. Think of all your policies… property, life, health, disability, liability… maybe from multiple providers for different family members. How can you keep track of it all? With Record Tree® insurance record keeping software.

Insurance Records – Lost life insurance – Record Tree® Insurance Records Management

What if it's a lost life insurance policy? What if a loved one filed the policy away years ago and didn't tell you where? Hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits go unclaimed each year, all because people keep poor records. Talk with your spouse and your family. Put your insurance information in Record Tree® where it can be found. Ensure you receive the benefits you are owed.

Insurance Records – Life Insurance – Record Tree® Insurance Records Management

From the "Insurance" category, select the types of insurance you carry. Enter policy details. Keep up-to-date insurance records in Record Tree®.

Insurance Records – Websites – Record Tree® Insurance Records Management

Record Tree® stores web addresses, user names and passwords for insurance company web sites where you may retrieve up-to-date information from your insurer.

Keep good insurance records.

Put them in Record Tree® where they can be found.

Record Tree® manages your insurance information safely at home on your computer or with the new USB wallet card. No internet connection is required. Don't let benefits go unpaid or golden years become tarnished. Keep good insurance records.