You don't have to know the number. Just where to find it.

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

An emergency contact is one you have to make now. It doesn't have to be life threatening. If an appliance breaks down when you need it, that's when you need the home warranty contact number. Keep rarely used emergency telephone numbers in Record Tree® where you can find them quickly. Record Tree® is a software system that records all your important personal and family information, including your emergency contact phone numbers, and keeps it all together. If you have to call the home warranty people, Record Tree® will not only give you the number but tell you where the policy is also. If it's a medical emergency, Record Tree® has emergency phone numbers for your doctor, pharmacist and, if necessary, next of kin. Be well prepared.

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Emergency Medical Services Phone Numbers

If you need emergency medical service, does your family or caregiver know where to find emergency contact phone numbers for physicians, specialists, hospitals and pharmacists? Give loved ones and caregivers access to emergency contacts in Record Tree®. You'll speed up response. The rest of the information in Record Tree®, such as medical and insurance records, when provided at the time of diagnosis or treatmen,t can lead to improved care and lower costs.

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers – Doctor – Record Tree® Software

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers – Software Contacts Screen – Record Tree® Software

Emergency contacts are not limited to medical and service professionals. Any one you contact for the unexpected has a place in Record Tree®.

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Consult other Record Tree® categories for information to help you manage emergencies effectively.

Emergency Contacts and Important Numbers

You might authorize family caregivers to access the emergency contacts and important numbers in Record Tree®, but professional caregivers need the information, too. Use the organizational power of Record Tree® to prepare contact reports for professional caregivers that you would otherwise compile from scratch.

You know who to call but where's the number?

Find it first in Record Tree®

Record Tree® keeps contacts and numbers for home emergency services and emergency medical services at the ready. But, it doesn't always have to be threatening to be an emergency. It can just be something that has to be handled now.