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Vital Documents

Everyone has vital documents, records and papers. If you haven't taken an inventory and recorded the whereabouts of your important documents and papers in a secure system like Record Tree®, you are leaving yourself open to devastating loss or fuse-blowing frustration. Where's your will? Only the original is legal. Do you have deeds, trusts, certificates or contracts lying around? Record Tree® is programmed to help you organize vital documents, records and papers and make a record of their locations. You will always know where your important documents and papers are. You, or someone acting on your behalf, will always be able to retrieve them without delay.


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Vital Documents – Last Will – Record Tree Vital Records Software®

Important Documents

If you have important documents lying around consider a secure storage system and record the details accurately in Record Tree®.
• Will • Trust • Deed • Bill of Sale • Lease • Mortgage • Passport
• Bankruptcy • Marriage License • Divorce Decree • Birth Certificate
• Death Certificate • Social Security Cards • Power of Attorney
• Contracts • Prepaid Arrangements • Stocks • Savings Bonds
• Employment Agreement • Warranties • More
Scans or copies are not legal documents. Record Tree® always points to the original or most up-to-date version of important documents.

Vital Documents – Recording Important Documents – Record Tree® Vital Records Software

Vital Documents – Deeds – Record Tree® Vital Records Software

Select "Legal" from the Category menu. From the items select "Deeds". Enter information about your real estate holdings. Now, you're organized.

Vital Documents – Filing Locations – Record Tree® Vital Records Software

In "Locations", record details of the safe deposit box where you keep Deeds and other important papers and documents.

Relax. It's not as overwhelming as it sounds. You're just going to make an inventory of your legal documents and record their locations in Record Tree®. It won't take long. Here are few extra tips.

  • photocopy everything in your wallet once a year
  • make a master list of all your bank and credit card accounts
  • record the contents of your safety deposit box

Add the new docs to your inventory. Purchase Record Tree® and start recording the whereabouts of your important documents and papers.

Too many documents? Too little memory?

Record Tree® remembers where everything is.

Record Tree® software stores your vital information on your own computer, external drive or new USB wallet card. No connection to the internet is required. Access to Record Tree® is strictly password protected. You are in complete control of managing your important documents and papers at all times.