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Personal Record Software, Record Keeping Software | Record Tree®
Record Tree® personal record software puts your life at your fingertips.  Keep details of essential documents all together in one record keeping program.  Why?  Because if you lose track of health, financial, emergency, insurance, retirement and other personal records you stand to lose money or worse.  Record Tree® personal record keeper can prevent unforeseen events from becoming ruinous events.


Order Personal Record Keeping Software | Record Tree®
Buy Record Tree® personal record keeping software today. Keep track of all your important information. Know where everything is. Wallet Card/USB version.

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Records, Health Record Software | Record Tree®
Get better healthcare outcomes with a personal health record (PHR). Keep your own health records at home with help from Record Tree® health record software.  Make an accurate catalog of your personal health records in Record Tree® complete with contact information for physicians, specialists and pharmacists.  Record Tree® health record software is encrypted for security and password protected for privacy.

Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support Software Relieves Caregiving Burdens | Record Tree®
Caregiver support software simplifies home caregiving. Record Tree® gives caregivers authorized access to vital records with preprogrammed software templates. You'll have peace of mind knowing you, or your caregiver, can find the medical, legal, financial and personal records you'll need to cope with routine and unexpected events. Access to information makes you a better caregiver and relieves burnout. Purchase Record Tree® now and make home caregiver software tools part of your caregiver support regimen.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Disaster Preparedness with Emergency Records | Record Tree®
Add digital records to your emergency disaster preparedness plans. Put your life back in order quickly with help from Record Tree® emergency records software.  Make an inventory of personal, family, medical, financial, legal, insurance and other vital documents in Record Tree®.  Make a digital copy on an external hard drive and take it with you in an evacuation.  Paper records are easily lost or damaged in a disaster.  You could waste days, weeks and months trying to reconstruct them.  Your emergency preparedness and disaster preparedness plans are not really ready until you have emergency records in digital format.

Client Gifts

Client Thank You. Client Gift. | Record Tree®
It’s not often that a client gift can change a life for good. But, that can happen when your client thank you is Record Tree® personal record keeping software.   Record Tree® helps clients keep accurate, reliable records of their lives. You can help them head off serious financial losses or worse.  Record Tree® has a surprising payback as a professional services marketing idea.  In the case of insurance marketing or attorney marketing, for example, the records clients keep are the same records you need to perform a better service for them. 

Family Medical Records

Family Medical Records. Medical Record Keeping | Record Tree®
Keeping family medical records can help you get quality health care. Record Tree® medical record keeping software keeps the details all in one place at home. Medical record information is essential for those who can't adequately speak for themselves, like the elderly. Medical records software provides information about conditions, surgeries, allergies, medications, histories and contact information for physicians and pharmacists. The medical records management system programmed into Record Tree® guides you in keeping family medical records accurate and up-to-date.

Insurance Records

Insurance Records-Insurance Records Management | Record Tree®
Keep good insurance records to avoid lost benefits. Organize life insurance and health insurance records with the help of Record Tree®. You won't lose a thing. Many people now have more than one life insurance policy. A paper-based insurance records management system can't keep track of it all as well as insurance record keeping software. Purchase Record Tree® to make sure your beneficiaries receive what they're owed.

Personal Financial Record

Personal financial record. Financial record keeping. | Record Tree®
Create a personal financial record (PFR) to keep track of assets. Avoid tragic losses with Record Tree® financial record keeping. Record Tree® is designed to guide you through the process of gathering, organizing, storing and recording the details and whereabouts of personal assets. Stocks, bonds and other personal financial records are easily misplaced and forgotten over time, but not with Record Tree®. Personal financial management software remembers so you don't have to.

Important Documents

Organize Vital Documents, Records and Papers | Record Tree®
Where are your vital documents, records and papers? Always at your fingertips, if you organize them in Record Tree® vital records software. Vital records like birth, death and marriage certificates may be hard to replace. Organize and keep track of important documents and important papers with Record Tree®.

Retirement Records

Get Retirement Records Ready. Start Benefits On Time | Record Tree®
Get your retirement records and papers ready ahead of time with the help of Record Tree®. Avoid delays in collecting benefits. Don't chase records later. Record Tree® stores the essential details and locations of pension records, retirement records, retirement documents and retirement papers in a software system programmed to keep everything in one place."

Last Wishes

Convey Last Wishes and End of Life Decisions | Record Tree®
Ensure your last wishes are carried out. Convey end of life decisions in Record Tree®. Record the whereabouts of end of life documents so they can be found. Do you have an advance directive, living will, medical power of attorney, prepaid funeral plan, organ donation preferences and instructions for your memorial? For peace of mind, record your final wishes in Record Tree®.

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

Find Emergency Contact Phone Numbers Quickly | Record Tree®
Know where to look for seldom used emergency contact phone numbers. Get the right emergency phone number fast with the help of Record Tree® software. Emergency contact numbers are often part to your personal and family medical, insurance and other vital records. Only Record Tree® keeps all your personal and family emergency telephone numbers together in one place.

About Record Keeping

Home Record Keeping and Family Record Keeping | Record Tree®
The first thing to know about record keeping is, organize or jeopardize. You could face serious losses if you can't find documents when you need them. Record Tree® home record keeping software keeps track of medical, financial, legal, insurance, personal and other records all in one place. The second thing to know about record keeping is get rid of your messy, paper-based system and purchase Record Tree® software now for computer-based home record keeping and family record keeping.


Keep Track of Money in a Personal Asset Inventory. | Record Tree®
Keep track of money, property and assets. Never forget what you own and where it is. Compile a personal asset inventory in Record Tree® software. People forget about distributions, dividends, benefits and missing money all the time. They don't know how to keep track of money. Document the existence, ownership and location of your personal financial assets in Record Tree® home asset management software. Heirs and descendants may never know about them otherwise.


Record Keeping Security | Record Tree®
Record Tree® safeguards personal information with reliable and secure record keeping software. You control access with password logins for assigned designees.


How to Organize Vital Records, Documents and Papers | Record Tree®
Organize vital records, documents and papers in a safe, secure manner so you can always find them. Keep their details and locations in Record Tree® software. Now's the time to organize records so your family won't have to later. Organize documents to provide needed information for family and friends when you travel or if there is an emergency. Organizing papers for safe keeping means you won't have to search frantically on short notice. Purchase Record Tree® software now.

Technical Specifications

Protecting Personal Information | Record Tree®
Safeguard your personal records. Record Tree® software uses advanced encryption standards to protect your personal information from intrusion.

Terms and Conditions

Household Management Software – Terms & Conditions | Record Tree®
Record the existence and whereabouts of important household documents in Record Tree® household management software. Be prepared for the unexpected.


Asset Protection - FAQs | Record Tree®
What assets do you own and where are they? Asset protection means good record keeping. Record Tree® software remembers everything. Nothing is ever forgotten.

About Us

Keeping Records with Home Record Software | Record Tree®
Keeping records pays off. It’s essential to family well-being to keep an inventory of vital documents in a home record software program like Record Tree®.  Why run the risk of losing track of your assets or waiting for pension payments to begin while you write away for replacement documents?  Let Record Tree® show you how to keep good personal records with home record keeping software.

Privacy Policy

Record Tree Privacy Policy | Record Tree®
Customer privacy is protected at Record Tree®. Transactions are secure. Policies prohibit selling or renting personal information. Read our full policy.