The greatest challenge to organizing your vital documents is in knowing where to start.

Organize Records, Documents and Papers

Every adult should have a system to organize vital records and documents. You want to safeguard the life you spent a lifetime building. A good place to organize the details and locations of records, documents and papers is in Record Tree® software. Record Tree® provides a template for personal profiles and combines it with medical and emergency contact information to print a wallet-sized Emergency Contact card you can carry with you. And, one day, someone may have to have act on your behalf. You can authorize password protected access for a trusted family member so they don't have to search your home, bank or attorney's office for documents if they need them in a hurry. Record Tree® will help get it all together.

  • Four levels of security to safeguard your personal information
  • Capacity for up to six user profiles for family members
  • Pass codes for authorized designees to access and print information
  • Storage location of vital documents
  • Edit tools to add/change/delete items
  • User friendly reports and printouts
  • Specialized printouts including:
    • Wallet-sized Emergency Contact and Vital Information Card you can carry with you
    • Medical Alert Summary with vital information that may be needed during a medical emergency

Organize documents with Record Tree® software. Be prepared for contingencies like disasters, emergencies, accidents or sudden illness.

Organize documents – Locations Template – Record Tree®

Record the locations of vital documents like wills, titles and securities.