Caregiver support software tells home caregivers about the practical side of a care recipient's world.

Caregiver Support

Record Tree® organizes the working details of a care recipient's life with home caregiver support software. As a family caregiver, there are many things you can do to make the caregiving process easier for both you and your loved one. For one, make sure important information about your loved one is accessible. You might be surprised at the details they keep to themselves. Knowing things about your loved one's medical, financial, legal and personal needs makes the caregiving process easier for both you. Be open to new technologies like Record Tree® caregiver support software tools. The more you know, the more you can help your care recipient live the life they know.

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Caregiver Support – Devotion - Record Tree® Caregiver Software


Home Caregiver

Providing care exacts a huge toll that often goes unrecognized. Help your family caregiver with information about yourself or your loved one. Help him or her cope with day-to-day demands. Prepare for those situations requiring quick decisions. Access to the right information helps caregivers and eliminates frustrations for everyone.


Caregiver Support - Categories – Record Tree® Caregiver Software

Record Tree® stores more than 160 information items in 12 categories.

Caregiver Support - Medical Alert – Record Tree® Caregiver Software

Medical Alert Summary combines information from Personal Profiles and other categories. Keep emergency information in view.

Caregiver Support - Login Profiles – Record Tree® Caregiver Software

Caregivers login as Guest Users with "read only" access. You control passwords.

Choose Categories

Record Tree® organizes vital information into 12 categories for home caregivers. Just because you know, don't assume family members know where everything is. Categories include My Favorites, Medical, Emergency Contacts, Important Numbers, Important Documents, Insurance, Financial, Legal, Retirement, My Wishes and Employment records.

In all, there is space for more than 160 individual information items. Help caregivers with everything from family physicians to who to call for a ride to the mall.

Personal Profiles

You can create up to six individual profiles in Record Tree®. Profiles record your basic personal information, the kind you use every day to fill out forms. Record Tree® uses Profile and other information it stores to produce reports like a Medical Alert Summary. Print this report and post it in plain view for emergencies.

Secure Login

You can authorize family and professional caregivers, trusted friends or POAs to access your personal information through password logins you control. Authorized designees can read information and print approved reports but they can't change anything. Only you can do that.

Caregiver Support

The information in Record Tree® improves caregiver communications for better overall care, reduces stress and costs associated with wasted time and increases satisfaction with outcomes for all concerned.