It's either organize or jeopardize

About Record Keeping

All you have to know about record keeping is either organize or jeopardize. If you stay with the "cluttered box in the closet" approach you risk financial loss or worse. Paper records are easily lost or damaged. It's hard to believe, but there are billions of dollars of unclaimed assets in state treasuries simply because family members don't know they exist. Record Tree® is a software solution for home record keeping. It's programmed to help you gather up your medical, financial, insurance, retirement, emergency, disaster and other vital records, organize them, store them safely and record their whereabouts. Family record keeping the Record Tree® way eliminates a lot of the risk of lost or damaged documents, forgotten assets and unclaimed benefits. It's a little work but you'll be in better shape.

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About Record Keeping – Organizing Home Records - Record Tree® Home Record Keeping Software

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • When was the last time you couldn't find an important paper you knew you had carefully put away somewhere?
  • Who besides you knows where to turn for necessary information about family household assets or obligations?
  • Do you have a list of people who are important contacts such as attorneys, bankers, lawyers, brokers, employers?
  • Where are the titles to property and possessions?
  • What happens if your home is burglarized or a natural disaster destroys your paper files? How do you go about recovering lost details?

About Record Keeping – Keep Home Records All in One Place – Record Tree® Home Record Keeping Software

About Record Keeping – Personal Profile Template – Record Tree® Home Record Keeping Software

Create a personal profile for yourself and up to 6 family members.

About Record Keeping – Document Location Template - Record Tree® Home Record Keeping Software

Record the location of important documents and papers

Home Record Keeping

Like it or not, there are forms to fill out for everything.  You can search for information each time it’s asked for.  Or, you can enter it in Record Tree® and find it when you need it.  Knowing where important papers are, how to locate them and granting access to authorized family members or designees can make the difference between money lost or money found.

Having all your information in Record Tree®

Makes It All Manageable

Nothing is more important to your personal or family welfare than an up-to-date household and family record keeping system.  Record Tree® knows where everything is.