Get health-e-outcomes with a Personal Health Record (PHR) and the help of Record Tree® software.

Health Records

Record Tree® helps you organize your health records and build a personal health record (PHR), a crucial step in the management of your lifelong health care and the health care of your family. Start today and take personal control of your healthcare. Gather important health records and record their details and locations in Record Tree® personal health record software. You, or someone you designate, will always know where to find your most accurate and up-to-date information, even in emergencies. Record Tree® is available for purchase on a Wallet Card/USB or Key.

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Health Records - Stethoscope – Record Tree® Health Record Software

How You Can Use Record Tree® to Create the Emergency Wallet Card Recommended by Emergency Medical Technicians.

Step 1: Enter information about yourself, emergency contacts and family physicians
Step 2: Enter information about allergies, hospitals, pharmacies, specialists and other providers
Step 3: Print Wallet Card with personal emergency medical contact information. Carry it with you. Update as often as necessary.
Health Records – Family – Record Tree® Health Record Software

Health Records – Medical Alert Summary – Record Tree® Health Record Software

Print the Medical Alert Summary and post it in a high visibility location. Emergency Technicians look for medical summaries to provide better care on the scene.

What’s a PHR? Do you have one?

A PHR is a Personal Health Record.  PHR’s are becoming more important in the management of personal health care and family health records.  Professional  care providers can’t know details of your medical history and preferences unless you tell them.  Record Tree® makes that possible with personal health records software.  There’s peace of mind in knowing important health care information is at your fingertips.   You can be better prepared and help providers make more informed decisions about your health care.

Health Records Management

Record Tree® always points to the most reliable and up-to-date sources for personal and family medical records…your physicians, pharmacists and other care providers.  Details in Record Tree® Profiles, Medical and Emergency Contacts sections combine to create a Medical Alert Summary, which emergency technicians say can be life-saving information, if accessible.  Keep one on the refrigerator and one in the car.  And, don’t forget to keep a Wallet Card on your person.

The personal and medical information you keep in Record Tree® can form the basis for your personal health record.